Root causes of family business leadership succession failure:

  1. Fear and resistance to change.
  2. Reluctance to address conflict
  3. Gaps in knowledge and skill related to vital leadship

As a trusted advisor and guide, we help families:

The success of family businesses of the future will depend on a new kind of leadership. A type of leadership generated by leaders who direct their passion, energy, and talent toward the purpose of sustaining business prosperity and family trust.

As a trusted advisor and guide, we help families:

Without trust and harmony it is unlikely that a family's business legacy can be successfully transferred from one generation to the next.

As a trusted advisor and guide, we help families:

"Dr. Tom Harvey has high standards for strong leadership and, regardless of position or title, hasn't been shy about holding us accountable to those standards. Even during times when our challenges seemed insurmountable, Tom's persistence and passion has helped keep our family team together and moving toward the achievement of our succession goals. He has been a great sounding board for me personally and professionally and has taught be much about leadership. I hold him in high regard as my coach and mentor."
— 4th Generation, Youngest sibling successor, $150 million manufacturing business

"As we all get bogged down with our day-to-day responsibilities, Dr. Harvey keeps us on our toes by bringing up the important issues that need to be addressed in order to avoid the pitfalls that might threaten our company’s future success. He helps us face difficult conflict and pushes us to create a cohesive and high functioning executive team. We all feed off the passion and positive energy Tom brings to his work as our leadership consultant and coach. He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions or tackle even the most difficult issues. For that reason, it has been essential for us to keep him on board to help us negotiate our way through this challenging succession process. In fact, it would be difficult, if not impossible to be doing it without him."
— 4th Generation, Oldest of three sibling successors, $150 million manufacturing company

"About three years ago I was thinking about my path toward retirement and realized the critical importance of preparing my sons for their future ownership and management roles in my absence, that’s when I retained the services of Dr. Tom Harvey. In part due to Tom’s influence, I came to realize that our entire organization was in need of a pretty major overhaul. I must admit, the job has been more complicated and difficult than I had originally anticipated, but I’m very thankful we began this project when we did and I’m very pleased with the progress we have made so far."
— 3rd Generation, Owner/Patriarch – $150 million manufacturing company

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