Our Change Model for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Discover: Seek Vital Truths

...Understand the urgent need for change and flush out the fear, conflict and resistance that stifle attempts to satisfy that need.
...Uncover the common desires and the collective capacity possessed by those who would be leading and being impacted by the change.
...Investigate the existing governance, management and leadership structures that shape the organization’s culture.
...Create and commit to a bold plan for vital action.

Develop: Fill Capacity Gaps

...Tackle the goals and objectives outlined in the plan for vital action focused on leadership, teamwork, communication, accountability, conflict resolution and personal brand building.
...Engage in organizational development in areas like, governance and management structure, organizational culture, mission, vision, core values, operating principles, communication, strategic planning, decision-making and policy development.

Execute: See and Feel the Change

...Put new knowledge, skills, mind-sets and behaviors into practice. Engage new leaders. Implement new structures. Introduce and enforce new policies, and new protocols and procedures. Pursue new goals and strategies.

Sustain: Remain Nimble and Prepared to Adapt

...Celebrate success. Monitor and evaluate. Make corrective adjustments. Repeat the cycle for continuous improvement.

We can become the catalyst for bold action and lasting change in your leadership succession process.

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