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Written assessment plays an important role in our efforts to help leaders, families, teams and organizations adapt, grow and change. Dr. Harvey’s proprietary Leader Vitality™ assessments are often of primary importance in the discovery phases of our engagements with clients. In addition, we have access to highly regarded assessment tools like the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator, the EQi-2.0 and the DiSC. Used either alone or in combination, these tools offer valuable data that can provoke the thinking and motivate the actions of leaders embarking on change initiatives at the individual, team or organizational levels.

Leader Vitality 360 Scale©

The 65-item LV360 measures the highly desirable qualities associated with professionally vital leaders. The LV360 feedback process offers leaders a chance to compare the way they view themselves with the way they are viewed by their associates. It is a powerful process that allows leaders to appraise the brands they project and provides data they can use to grow their capacities as leaders. When paired with Executive Coaching, the outcomes can create lasting, and even transformational impact.

Organizational Vitality Scale©

This 26-item OVS measures the seven essential qualities of vital organizations. In this assessment, data is gathered from a broad range of people who hold a stake in the success of the organization and is then used by leaders to identify cultural strengths and weaknesses and inform decisions about organizational change initiatives.

Leadership Team Vitality Scale©

The 29-item LTVS measures the seven essential qualities of vital leadership teams. The data is used by team members to identify team strengths and areas in need of polish, and also as a springboard for open and honest dialog about the team’s function. When paired with team retreats and targeted skill training, the Leadership Team Vitality assessment process can help to transform a dysfunctional team into a high functioning team.

"The insight and information gleaned from our company's Leader Vitality 360 and Team Vitality assessments have been invaluable. I witnessed the professional and personal growth in each member of my management team, as well as in myself! This process helped us to make better decisions, created a more positive working environment, and is helping us fulfill our company's mission: to provide excellent care to our residents and their families."
— (Owner/President – Senior Healthcare Industry)

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